Welcome to our Tea House

In our “Tea-House” page we will try to tell you all we know about tea and tea culture. And if we overlook anything important or interesting, do write to us and we will gladly share any information on the topic that interests you!

First of all we will introduce you to the “categories of Chinese tea”. This page is a section of our small tea encyclopedia where six main tea categories are listed with short descriptions of their character and qualities. Here we also give examples of the most famous varieties of each tea category.  
We will also give you some useful recommendations for the storage and brewing of our tea. We will try to unveil simple but still very important secrets of how to store and make high quality Chinese tea. We really want you to experience the full charm and magic of its flavor, which is only possible if it is brewed the right way!
Do you want to know how different teas can influence your health and general wellbeing? In the section on “Tea & Health” you can get detailed information on that topic, prepared by our experts using the most up-to-date knowledge.  
In the “History of tea” section you can read how the Chinese tea culture was born and developed throughout the centuries, and as legends say, even millennia! We will tell you how the use of tea became a tradition in China, and, moreover, an essential part of the lifestyle and character. You will also learn how the tea drinking culture spread far beyond the borders of the Celestial Empire and achieved a global presence.  
On the page entitled “About Tea Production”, you can read about the growing and processing of tea in modern China. You might be surprised to learn how complicated and diversified the process of tea production is — for many tea varieties this process includes dozens of stages, all of which are intended to obviate any mistakes that could ruin the final product . Mostly due to this reason, and in order to preserve the original characteristics of the tea leaves, tea in China today is still harvested and processed manually.  

We will try to continuously update our “Tea House” with new material once we receive your questions!