Let us introduce ourselves — we are “iTea” (Israeli company), experts in high-quality Chinese tea. For about decade we have been supplying this amazing product to Israel, introducing people to the versatile world of Chinese tea, carrying out sampling, and providing consultations on tea related issues.

We are glad that our efforts have yielded fruit, and more and more Israelites are taking an interest in good tea. Today nine basic “iTea” varieties are available in more than hundred stores all over the country including major networks of organic products: “Eden Teva Market”, “Nitzat HaDuvdevan”, “Anise”, “Mizrakh-Maarav” etc. Our tea is proudly served in chains of restaurants and cafes, such as “Japanika”, “Café Luise”, “Kyoto”.

The word “quality” is stressed in the company name “iTea Quality Tea”: it is the most important component in our work. We supervise our tea the whole way from the plantation to your table: in China the tea is carefully selected by our partner experts, then we pack it in reliable vacuum packages and, as quickly as possible, deliver it to Israel by plane. We do this to ensure the tea preserves it freshness, flavor and health properties. And we boldly guarantee that the iTea brand supplies good loose Chinese tea certified by the Israel Ministry of Health. We would also like to inform those customers who observe Jewish traditions that many varieties of our tea are kosher and bear the Hatam Sofer seal.

For us tea is not just a product, it is an age-old tradition, the richest culture and a life style. We will be glad to share with you, our dear customers, our love of tea. It is fascinating to explore the secrets of this amazing world! We hope you will your journey into the world of tea, with iTea as your true and experienced guide. Surely together we will be able to find the right way (Dao) to tea. It is waiting for you.

Dear Friends!

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