Important health properties

A tea leaf is a real store of healthy elements. From ancient times tea was considered a healthy drink for a good reason. iTea supplies high-quality Chinese tea that contains a wide range of the healthiest elements: antioxidants, amino acids, rich complex of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B11, B15, C, D, E, PP, etc.), minerals and other compounds.

  • High quality white and green teas contain catechins — strong natural antioxidants. When used regularly those two teas slow down the aging process, lower the risk of cancer and reduce the damage caused by an unfavorable ecology and smoking. Catechins strengthen the immune system and help it fight bacterial and viral infections.
  • Tea contains elements that speed up metabolic activities, regulate fat metabolism, and prevent the digestion of “bad” (LDL) cholesterols. Of all teas pu-erhs and oolongs are the most effective in splitting and removing fats from the body, which is why they are considered the most effective natural mean for losing weight. Regular use of pu-erhs and oolongs will help people suffering from excess weight.
  • Tea improves digestion and can be a perfect ending to a generous meal. The caffeine and tannin contained in tea have a positive effect on the digestion processes, stimulating peristalsis and the development of gastric juices. This is why it is very useful to drink red teas and pu-erhs after meals, especially after a large amount of fatty food.
  • Almost all varieties of Chinese tea have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. Tea regulates blood pressure, capillary permeability, increases elasticity of vascular walls and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Green and white teas as well as oolongs are most effective as a preventive measure against heart disease.
  • Caffeine contained in tea stimulates activities of the central nervous system, dilates blood vessels in the brain, and improves blood circulation. This is why tea (especially white, green and red) invigorates, clarifies consciousness, increases working capacity, and dissolves the effects of weariness and headaches. L-theanine contained in white and green teas raises the mood, removes stress, and gives a feeling of peace and self-confidence. Tea is beneficial for mental work, contributing to concentration and memory improvement.
  • Regular use of white tea stimulates skin cell regeneration, thus slowing down their aging and preventing the first wrinkles — skin becomes firmer and more elastic, and gains a natural and healthy complexion. White tea extract is widely used in the cosmetic industry.
  • High quality Chinese tea has high concentrations of fluorine, phosphorous and calcium. Its regular use without sugar prevents degradation of tooth enamel and formation of dental calculus. Green tea successfully fights disease causing microbes and bacteria in the mouth cavity, and red tea prevents the formation and development of dental caries. Tea is useful for maintaining dental health and mouth hygiene.
  • Tea is good for any weather — it is a perfect body heat regulator. A cup of pu-erh or red tea will warm you in winter and white tea will help you survive torturing summer heat giving you a feeling of coolness and freshness.
  • Tea is effectively used for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Catechins and vitamin P contained in Chinese tea reduce sugar content in the blood. Research shows that green tea may influence glucose tolerance in diabetes, and red tea can reduce glucose content in the blood.