Recommendations for the storage and brewing


Tea leaves are very sensitive to moisture, temperature, and bright light, and they can easily absorb foreign odors. In improper storage conditions tea can lose its important features, such as its wonderful flavor and smell. Tea should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool place.

Water quality

In order to make atasty and healthy brew we recommend using soft mineral water with low concentrations of calcium salts and magnesium (e.g. Mey Eden). Boiled tap water is allowed but not recommended because in most cases this water is hard and has a bad aftertaste.

Water temperature

For all types of white tea, green tea and oolong tea the right temperature must be carefully maintained during brewing. They shouldn’t be boiled in water because the drink will lose its refreshing flavor and tender aroma. We recommend heating the water almost to boiling point and then letting it cool off to the temperature indicated on the tea package.

Brewing time

It is important not to leave the tea in the teapot for longer than the time indicated in the “how to use” section on the package, otherwise the flavor will become somewhat bitter. At the end of the time necessary for brewing, it is preferable to pour the brew into another pot or right into the tea cups and serve them, and the remaining leaves need to be brewed for a second time with fresh water. All tea types distributed by iTea can and most preferably should be brewed up at least twice.